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ReSpot 2010.04.11 and Servify 2010.04.11 Released!

New ReSpot and Servify release!

Re-vamped UI for ReSpot - still work in progress... Decided to release it now anyway 🙂

UPDATE 2010.04.11
x) new UI! Work In Progress - please report issues
x) Fixed FC issue(s)
x) MoveToNext - moves track to be played next in play queue

As usual a big thanks to everyone reporting bugs and asking for (specific) improvements / features!
A special thanks to 'coolof' for the mockup which I've used for this design.


ReSpot + Servify release!

Small update to ReSpot and Servify. Addresses stability issues and improves logging in Servify significantly.

UPDATE 2010.02.24
x) better logging! (servify)
x) FC issue


ReSpot – Spotify Remote for Android, new version out now!

Time for another release, 2010.02.06. Hopefully bug free 😉
Please note that Servify upgrade is required!

+ improved volume slider
+ shuffle function (it's hidden... playbackview->menu->shuffle)
+ new buttons (thanks to vaineh @ android forums)
+ a few Force Close issues ironed out (and no new ones introduced! 😛 )

The volume slider will indicate the wrong volume when first starting ReSpot. It's something i'll patch real soon. Need to do a bit of refactoring for that though.