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Updated ReSpot, Servify issue persists.

Updated ReSpot on the Market. Hopefully this update should make the application visible to owners of HTC Tattoo, HTC Desire and SE Xperia devices.

In other news the "playlist" issues seem to persist. Servify will throw TimeoutException's when trying to list playlists.

In the browser view (in ReSpot) you may try this: "meny->list". But dont hammer too quickly. Once executed either the playlists should surface or you can view the logwindow under the Connect tab - there any errors will be reported.


ReSpot 2010.04.11 and Servify 2010.04.11 Released!

New ReSpot and Servify release!

Re-vamped UI for ReSpot - still work in progress... Decided to release it now anyway 🙂

UPDATE 2010.04.11
x) new UI! Work In Progress - please report issues
x) Fixed FC issue(s)
x) MoveToNext - moves track to be played next in play queue

As usual a big thanks to everyone reporting bugs and asking for (specific) improvements / features!
A special thanks to 'coolof' for the mockup which I've used for this design.


ReSpot v2010.03.31

Update of ReSpot due to feature request...

(suggest new features by adding a comment on the posts on this blog!)

UPDATE 2010.03.31
x) trigger artist/album browse from search view

Had totally overlooked adding these two options from the Search view.
If a artist/album browse is triggered from the Search view - the results of the browse will be displayed in the Browse view!
This may or may not change in the future... actually the search view will most likely be removed in a future update and a proper search manager implemented (ie: the android search will 'pop up' in the browse tab).