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jReSpot mini update

Update to jReSpot released. "Remember me" option on login dialog now actually does something! Yes - it remembers the last server settings!

And a scrollbar added to the playlist view!

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FAQ updated

Updated the FAQ page, added a little bit of structure to it and a couple of new items.

This site in general would need a big makeover.

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UPDATE: linux issue (ubuntu 10.10 ?)

New Update(2010.12.04): Messed around a bit on my linux system and a 'smaller' fix is to only install:
'libmono-system-data2.0-cil' it is considerably smaller than 'mono-complete'.

UPDATE: this issue can be fixed by installing 'mono-complete' package. FAQ and installation instructions updated...

Some linux users are experiencing the following issue;

** (./Servify.exe:2746): WARNING **: The following assembly referenced

from /path/to/servify/Newtonsoft.Json.Net20.dll could not
be loaded:
Assembly: System.Data (assemblyref_index=1)
Public Key: b77a5c561934e089
The assembly was not found in the Global Assembly Cache, a path listed
in the MONO_PATH environment variable, or in the location of the
executing assembly (/path/to/servify/).

I'm working to resolve it asap. My suspicion is that the MONO package in ubuntu 10.10 has changed and as a side effect of that, a dependency in Servify is not being met. If my fix is successful I will update the Servify package asap.

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libspotify 0.0.6

Just noted that there's a new libspotify version released... I will look to incorporate some new features that's been made available!

Things that can now be added:
Playlist folders
Support for Inbox - browsing your own and sending tracks to other people
Access other people’s published playlists
Playlist image and description

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v. 2010.11.04

New Version just out!

Servify / ReSpot upgrade.

+ Server discovery, simplifies connecting. Android 2.2 only!
+ Ability to star tracks

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v2010.10.27 of Servify/C#

bugfix: v2010.10.26 could not enqueue the Starred playlist, this version can..

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v2010.10.26 Released!

New version released. New and noteworthy:

+ Starred tracks playlist
+ Swipe on Cover Art (prev/next song).
* Bugfix: playback would stutter in beginning of songs for some users

Get new version of Servify and ReSpot to enjoy the update(s).

More stuff to follow in the coming weeks...

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Starred playlists. Update: fling/swipe added

Had some time to code and added Starred Playlists to servify/respot. Hopefully I'll get more time to fix bugs and issues this week and even add some new features!

Update: Added "swipe" or "fling" actions on the CoverArt. Swiping will now play previous/next track...

Will release an update soon hopefully!

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BASS.NET for Linux

The Audio library being used in Servify 'Bass.NET' is still not playing nicely on linux, which is a shame - it's an overall nice library. The issue being that Bass corrupts ALSA when using shared mode and exclusive access to /dev/dsp is obviously not a cool solution...

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(android)ReSpot v2010.07.31

New version, upgrade servify too!

-Soft volume control

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