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Starred playlists. Update: fling/swipe added

Had some time to code and added Starred Playlists to servify/respot. Hopefully I'll get more time to fix bugs and issues this week and even add some new features!

Update: Added "swipe" or "fling" actions on the CoverArt. Swiping will now play previous/next track...

Will release an update soon hopefully!

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BASS.NET for Linux

The Audio library being used in Servify 'Bass.NET' is still not playing nicely on linux, which is a shame - it's an overall nice library. The issue being that Bass corrupts ALSA when using shared mode and exclusive access to /dev/dsp is obviously not a cool solution...

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Finally – the new release is here!

aReSpot has got a facelift, now supports CoverArt. ReSpot will be continously updated in the near future with more face lifts and feature additions. There's a few kinks to weed out still too I'm sure. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have bugs to report, features to request or anything else. There are discussion 'groups' available on the ReSpot Facebook page too.
IMPORTANT: Volume adjustment is available by the volume 'hardware keys' on your android. I will re-integrate a volume button on screen but have not decided how/where to put it yet.

jReSpot will soon be released as an EARLY ALPHA. Lot's of things are not working - there are multiple 'paper cuts' in the UI etc. But improvements will be coming down the pipeline soon enough. Stay tuned.

The Servify protocol has been completely re-written and now uses JSON. This has simplified things alot when writing clients.
Servify has been somewhat simplified to start, it's now optional to put login credentials on the command line - if not supplied Servify will ask for them.

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Server issue resolved!

A issue that's been stopping the new version of aReSpot and the release of jReSpot has (most likely!) been resolved.

Big thanks to my friend for help with debugging.

Stay tuned. Release imminent! 😀

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Updates coming… soon!

Been quiet here for a while now... Lots of changes coming soon, working on re-vamping the UI!
A lot have changed 'under the hood' too - protocol is now completely re-written, adding support for images and allowing for easier updates.
Included two screenshots below. This is however not the layout I'm aiming for. Gets a bit crowded with 5 tabs... But it illustrates the new Cover Art ability!

Thanks to all who provides feedback, bug reports etc!

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Servify/C# v2010.05.30

Fixed a few bugs. If you've experienced issues - try this out!

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Servify/C# update – v2010.05.25

New Update! (2010.05.25 19:00 CET):
Configurable bitrate! Now possible to choose 160kbps or 320kbps. Startup with new param:

Servify.exe username password local_port bitrate debug

IE: Servify.exe magician abrakadabra 1337 320 debug


Newest version available for download contains a few stability improvements but most notably;


Has been re-implemented!

As usual you'll find it at the install&download page.

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Servify/C# v2010.05.20 – Stability improvements

New update!
* ProgressBar updates correctly when seeking (progressbar fully operational!)
* Stability improvements
* Under the hood changes (yeah - internal 'boring' stuff fixed)

Version string: Servify/C# v2010.05.20
please include the version string in bug reports.

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Servify/C# v2010.05.19

New version uploaded! Now prints a version string on startup. Should look something like this:

$ Servify.exe username password portnum debug
Servify/C# v2010.05.19

Fixed in this version:
1) volume control in windows / mac osx
2) progress updates

Outstanding lacking features:
x) UI issue: pause button will actually stop playback
x) album / artist browse not supported

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Servify/C# – bugs bugs bugs

Squashed a few bugs this morning. Thanks alot for the bug reports and help with testing!

It's quite difficult to find all these bugs as all systems are not equal! Half of the bugs have not manifested on my windows nor linux computers...

Anyway, Servify/C# has been updated with alot of bugfixes.

Please - continue reporting any issues you encounter!

Still not working properly:
1) volume control in windows / mac osx
2) progress updates
3) pause button will actually stop playback (not pause)
4) album / artist browse not supported

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