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jReSpot Preview!

So - long time without updates for the Server and the android client... Well I've not been idling all this time.
I'll give a little preview of what I've been doing (among other things);

I've taken the jotify GUI and retrofitted it to communicate with Servify. So there'll soon be a Desktop client available for use in tandem with the Android client!
There are still lots of enhancements to be made to the user interaction with this desktop client though!

Unfortunately there's an issue with the server which we've yet to track down the root cause of. Worst case scenario I'll release updates of Android ReSpot and Desktop ReSpot without image support, best case - we'll fix the bug and release two real nice clients!

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Updates coming… soon!

Been quiet here for a while now... Lots of changes coming soon, working on re-vamping the UI!
A lot have changed 'under the hood' too - protocol is now completely re-written, adding support for images and allowing for easier updates.
Included two screenshots below. This is however not the layout I'm aiming for. Gets a bit crowded with 5 tabs... But it illustrates the new Cover Art ability!

Thanks to all who provides feedback, bug reports etc!

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Servify/C# v2010.05.30

Fixed a few bugs. If you've experienced issues - try this out!

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libspotify 0.0.4

libspotify 0.0.4 has been compiled for all major platforms (windows, linux, mac). So I'll be looking into resurrecting the Servify/C# server, it is much more stable as it is using the official spotify libraries.

In the meantime - stay tuned for updates.

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1000+ active installs, according to Google

The latest Android Market statistics:
3003 total Downloads
1013 active installs (33%)

I'm excited to have more than a 1000 active installs - wonder if it'll stay that way 😉

A few users are (still) reporting issues with listing their playlists - all I can say is that I'm working on it, though it's quite difficult as the problem is not occurring here...
Even contemplating using the official libraries as they're now windows/linux/os x compiled... But those will bring a slew of /other/ issues - so I'm a bit hesitant...

As usual - a big thanks to everyone who gives nice feedback and rates me nicely on the market 😉

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Important notice!

If you've enabled "facebook" and subscribed to playlists in the new Spotify client -it may break Servify and render Playlists unusable.

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ReSpot + Servify v2010.04.28

Yet another version! Make sure to update Servify too..

Hopefully the playlist issues that have been plaguing Servify lately have been resolved - please let me know if you're still facing issues!

The changes in short are:
UPDATE 2010.04.28
x) Seeking!
x) Playlist fix(!?)
x) Bitrate configurable
x) Small UI bug fixes

In your servify property file you can now specify the desired bitrate (GUI option coming), if none is specified it will default to 160kbps. Legal values are;
specify as follows:
on its own line in the property file.

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Short news update

Implemented 'seeking' in ReSpot. Will be released with the next update... Stay tuned.

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Updated ReSpot, Servify issue persists.

Updated ReSpot on the Market. Hopefully this update should make the application visible to owners of HTC Tattoo, HTC Desire and SE Xperia devices.

In other news the "playlist" issues seem to persist. Servify will throw TimeoutException's when trying to list playlists.

In the browser view (in ReSpot) you may try this: "meny->list". But dont hammer too quickly. Once executed either the playlists should surface or you can view the logwindow under the Connect tab - there any errors will be reported.


ReSpot 2010.04.11 and Servify 2010.04.11 Released!

New ReSpot and Servify release!

Re-vamped UI for ReSpot - still work in progress... Decided to release it now anyway 🙂

UPDATE 2010.04.11
x) new UI! Work In Progress - please report issues
x) Fixed FC issue(s)
x) MoveToNext - moves track to be played next in play queue

As usual a big thanks to everyone reporting bugs and asking for (specific) improvements / features!
A special thanks to 'coolof' for the mockup which I've used for this design.