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ReSpot “unpublished” from Android Market

As I'm no longer actively developing Servify nor ReSpot I've decided to pull it from the Android Market.

I will make the .apk file available here on h3x.se instead for those that still use it.

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Servify, ReSpot, jReSpot updates!

Big update!
The OpenAL audio backend is implemented and tested on all platforms.
This means one and the same audio backend is used on all platforms (Windows, OS X, Linux) and more importantly it is (hopefully) a more stable solution. Particularly on Linux and OS X platforms.
The downside is that another external dependency may have to be installed.
For Windows and OS X, go here: http://connect.creativelabs.com/openal/Downloads/Forms/AllItems.aspx
For Linux (Ubuntu!) you install the following package: libopenal1

Small bugfixes, incremental improvements. Expect more rapid development here soon.

Small features implemented:
+"DEL" key to remove from queue

Please report any new issues, regressions, bugs etc ASAP! (as comment to this post or email)

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UPDATE: linux issue (ubuntu 10.10 ?)

New Update(2010.12.04): Messed around a bit on my linux system and a 'smaller' fix is to only install:
'libmono-system-data2.0-cil' it is considerably smaller than 'mono-complete'.

UPDATE: this issue can be fixed by installing 'mono-complete' package. FAQ and installation instructions updated...

Some linux users are experiencing the following issue;

** (./Servify.exe:2746): WARNING **: The following assembly referenced

from /path/to/servify/Newtonsoft.Json.Net20.dll could not
be loaded:
Assembly: System.Data (assemblyref_index=1)
Public Key: b77a5c561934e089
The assembly was not found in the Global Assembly Cache, a path listed
in the MONO_PATH environment variable, or in the location of the
executing assembly (/path/to/servify/).

I'm working to resolve it asap. My suspicion is that the MONO package in ubuntu 10.10 has changed and as a side effect of that, a dependency in Servify is not being met. If my fix is successful I will update the Servify package asap.

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v. 2010.11.04

New Version just out!

Servify / ReSpot upgrade.

+ Server discovery, simplifies connecting. Android 2.2 only!
+ Ability to star tracks

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v2010.10.27 of Servify/C#

bugfix: v2010.10.26 could not enqueue the Starred playlist, this version can..

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v2010.10.26 Released!

New version released. New and noteworthy:

+ Starred tracks playlist
+ Swipe on Cover Art (prev/next song).
* Bugfix: playback would stutter in beginning of songs for some users

Get new version of Servify and ReSpot to enjoy the update(s).

More stuff to follow in the coming weeks...

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Starred playlists. Update: fling/swipe added

Had some time to code and added Starred Playlists to servify/respot. Hopefully I'll get more time to fix bugs and issues this week and even add some new features!

Update: Added "swipe" or "fling" actions on the CoverArt. Swiping will now play previous/next track...

Will release an update soon hopefully!

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(android)ReSpot v2010.07.31

New version, upgrade servify too!

-Soft volume control

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jReSpot alpha release!

I've spent a bit of time packaging the jReSpot application - so here it is! Download and run (double click the jar file on most OS's, otherwise start with "java -jar jrespot_alpha.jar").

Servify update recommended!

Please know that it's still riddled with bugs and inconsistencies, though it works rather well if you're patient...
You may need to 'hammer' the Refresh Playlist button sometimes, and the playlist list does not have a scrollbar - but you can scroll up&down with the arrow keys...
There will be improvements made. I've only had the opportunity to try this on a Windows computer. Please let me know if you're facing issues on Linux / Mac!

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Finally – the new release is here!

aReSpot has got a facelift, now supports CoverArt. ReSpot will be continously updated in the near future with more face lifts and feature additions. There's a few kinks to weed out still too I'm sure. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have bugs to report, features to request or anything else. There are discussion 'groups' available on the ReSpot Facebook page too.
IMPORTANT: Volume adjustment is available by the volume 'hardware keys' on your android. I will re-integrate a volume button on screen but have not decided how/where to put it yet.

jReSpot will soon be released as an EARLY ALPHA. Lot's of things are not working - there are multiple 'paper cuts' in the UI etc. But improvements will be coming down the pipeline soon enough. Stay tuned.

The Servify protocol has been completely re-written and now uses JSON. This has simplified things alot when writing clients.
Servify has been somewhat simplified to start, it's now optional to put login credentials on the command line - if not supplied Servify will ask for them.

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