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ReSpot - Remote Control Suite for Spotify, Android and PC Desktop clients available!

ReSpot is the most feature rich remote control for Spotify around!
It supports;
x) playlist browsing
x) artist / album browse
x) searching
x) playback
x) playback controls (previous track, pause, play, next track)
x) volume control
x) seeking in current playing song

...and much more being added constantly.

ReSpot interacts with the server component "Servify" (download from this site).

Servify - Server process required for ReSpot. A network API for Spotify.
Windows/Linux/OSX compatible. Requires MONO for Linux / Mac OS X. .NET 3.0+ for Windows.

Servify has had major contributions from Mattias Pierre.

Servify uses a couple of 3rd party libraries:

Contact: johannes [@.@] h3x.se

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