h3x.se spotify remote


respot.apk now available here on h3x.se

Finally took some time and compiled a new .apk file (have pretty much not touched the client code in almost 12 months..).

Download link for your convenience: respot.apk

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  1. Change log, or some hint’s what you have done 🙂

  2. skibbe: not really done anything – just made respot available again as i’ve pulled it off the android market.

  3. Whats the reason for pulling it of android play (market)?

  4. David, lately ReSpot received a lot of negative feedback. I did not want it to simply wither and die on android play/market. I guess a lot of people find it difficult to setup servify and connect to the server from respot.

  5. Wow, great app! Super simple to setup and works like a charm on Debian/Android. Thanks a lot!

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