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ReSpot “unpublished” from Android Market

As I'm no longer actively developing Servify nor ReSpot I've decided to pull it from the Android Market.

I will make the .apk file available here on h3x.se instead for those that still use it.

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  1. Sorry to hear that mate – have always found Respot to be great.

  2. Thx jamie. I’ll make the .apk file available for download from h3x.se instead.

  3. i can’t find the apk on the website, is it already available?

  4. Francesco, nope, I have not made it available on this site yet, hope to have it done sometime in the next 2 weeks.

  5. That was unfortunate. I did not see the negative comments, but I would suspect they were made by people that did not get what respot was, or technically inept so they could not make it work.

    I use respot every day, thanks for the effort Johannes

  6. Hi Johannes,

    Same here: application is great. It’d be really nice if it could stay on the market, despite the low ratings (most of which is by people who don’t even know what your app and the underlying framework does).

    Hope you can make it available at the market again so that we can install from a ‘trusted location’!

    – Sorce

  7. Hej!

    Kommer apk-filen komma upp här snart? Eller har du lust att skicka den över mail?

    / Kalle

  8. Hej,
    Skulle också vilja komma åt den där apk-filen. Saknar respot något enormt.

  9. Sorcerer: I will probably not make it available on android market again – unless i start investing more time in updating the application. Something i see as rather unlikely at the moment.

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