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New Audio backend: OpenAL

Been working on a new audio backend for playback, leveraging OpenAL (via OpenTK) which is a cross-platform audio library.
Unfortunately there's a regression on the windows build which is why there's not been any updates in a while.
The (in)famous error: "HRESULT: 0x800703E6" has reared its ugly head... Hopefully this gets resolved soon.

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  1. Hej Johannes!

    Great App!! Thank you very much for help us to remote control Spotify through our phones.

    I’m having problems with reSpot not showing my playlists and only seeing the ‘starred’ sections in the ‘playlists’ part of reSpot.

    I can queue songs and play them correctly and search for them, but im not getting any playlists.. =(

    Im running ubuntu 10.10 with mono-complete package which you referred to in a earlier post.

    Any hints on where to start of change to get this run?

    Im running a HTC Wildfire with Fryo 2.2.something on it.

    Thanks and Take care!

  2. This sounds strange. Have you tried refreshing the playlists? (In ReSpot, browser tab, use “menu” and “playlists” will force a reload from Servify).
    Are there any errors in the Servify log?

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