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new releases – new bugs… thanks for the appreciation on Android Market.

Last update has been received well (if Android Market ratings is anything to go by) - Thanks!
Of course, there has been issues with the new release - especially on the Servify side. I am working to resolve these, thanks to all who has filed bug reports to me the last couple of days.

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Servify, ReSpot, jReSpot updates!

Big update!
The OpenAL audio backend is implemented and tested on all platforms.
This means one and the same audio backend is used on all platforms (Windows, OS X, Linux) and more importantly it is (hopefully) a more stable solution. Particularly on Linux and OS X platforms.
The downside is that another external dependency may have to be installed.
For Windows and OS X, go here: http://connect.creativelabs.com/openal/Downloads/Forms/AllItems.aspx
For Linux (Ubuntu!) you install the following package: libopenal1

Small bugfixes, incremental improvements. Expect more rapid development here soon.

Small features implemented:
+"DEL" key to remove from queue

Please report any new issues, regressions, bugs etc ASAP! (as comment to this post or email)

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New Audio backend: OpenAL

Been working on a new audio backend for playback, leveraging OpenAL (via OpenTK) which is a cross-platform audio library.
Unfortunately there's a regression on the windows build which is why there's not been any updates in a while.
The (in)famous error: "HRESULT: 0x800703E6" has reared its ugly head... Hopefully this gets resolved soon.

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