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jReSpot mini update

Update to jReSpot released. "Remember me" option on login dialog now actually does something! Yes - it remembers the last server settings!

And a scrollbar added to the playlist view!

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  1. Any chance that you port ReSpot to iOS? It looks like a pretty useful app.

  2. Great program, I use it all the time on my HTPC and controlling it from my Android phone or desktop computer.
    Features I’d like to see is shuffle and support for the nordic language with å ä ö letters. See picture, http://data.fuskbugg.se/dipdip/letters.png

    Some bugs I’ve encountered are;
    1) ReSpot seems to loose connection from time to time.
    2) When first connecting to servify, the playlist windows is white and even if you push Refresh Playlist nothing happens. For me it works to Refresh and then restart ReSpot. (ReSpot on Win 7 x64 and Servify on Ubuntu)

  3. Hi Emil, thanks for your kind words!

    Shuffle/Repeat is just around the corner for jReSpot – awaiting icons to be created!
    ÅÄÖ should be supported, I’ll have to track down where the incorrect character conversion happens though – it’s a bug.

    1) Yes, I will re-implement a “keep alive” feature.
    2) That is weird, is this the first session to a newly setup Servify?

  4. Thanks for your response, I’m glad to see that you are working on new features.

    2) Yeah this problem occurs only the first time connecting to a new session, I can’t recall seeing it when reconnecting to an older session.
    The output in Servify looks the same the second time I connect and refresh as it does the first time.

  5. It (probably) has to do with Servify not yet had time to retrieve all the playlists etc.. If you wait a while and then goto “browser” tab and use menu “playlists” it should do a refresh.

  6. Great client and server solution!
    It seems like libasound2-dev is required to run the servify mono application in ubuntu (10.04) whereas only the libasound should be required as long as you don’t develop the application yourself.
    Also if you disconnect the respot android app, the servify application gives and error that the socket has disconnected and I wasn’t able to connect to the server until I killed the mono process (by using killall mono in the command line) and started the servify application again.

    Fixing those issues would be nice (especially the last one) 🙂

  7. Thanks Richard,

    1) the alsa backend is being replaced with OpenAL, should make all the alsa related issues go away (and create a slew of new ones!)
    2) This def. sounds weird. I’ll look into if there’s been any regression in the server. Let me know if this persists after the next servify release.

  8. Just made an iOS app from the jar file, works like a charm. If you are interested send me an e-mail.

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