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v. 2010.11.04

New Version just out!

Servify / ReSpot upgrade.

+ Server discovery, simplifies connecting. Android 2.2 only!
+ Ability to star tracks

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  1. Johannes,

    Thought that your updates where not working but i had to update Servify also :).
    Discovery is working and star tracks also.
    Like the star track option, not to sound like a spoiled child but would it be possible to star tracks from the “PlayQ” tab? Cause mostly i will look there first when i hear a track that i like.


  2. Yes, will add it to the PlayQ, that was an oversight on my behalf! Unfortunately it’ll take some time since i’ll be moving this weekend…

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. And another one:
    On the “Playback” tab a visual indication for shuffle/repeat mode.

    Success with moving 🙂

  4. Yep, just need to fix some nice graphics for it 🙂

  5. Hi Johannes
    Another basic question:
    When starting servify, what username and pwd to use? I have tested all of them but nothing works. Servify starts but stops immediately and i get an errormessage from a Windows pop up stating that servify has stopped working.

  6. Nick: supply your Spotify credentials.
    What error msg are you receiving?

  7. hello im getting this error message after entering username and password:

    systemDLL not found
    unable to load DLL ‘libspotify
    Invalid access to memory location.

    Is there a sertan deredtory u need for the servify folder berof opening servify.exe?

  8. Mads: if you could copy paste the entire error message and also supply information of your system (which O/S are you running?).
    There is one (so far) unrecoverable error affecting Windows (xp/vista/7), i hope it is not that one you are getting… More details would be needed.

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