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v2010.10.26 Released!

New version released. New and noteworthy:

+ Starred tracks playlist
+ Swipe on Cover Art (prev/next song).
* Bugfix: playback would stutter in beginning of songs for some users

Get new version of Servify and ReSpot to enjoy the update(s).

More stuff to follow in the coming weeks...

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  1. Johannes,

    Keep the updates coming. Love your program. Would be great to queue a complete album from the browse page.

  2. Thanks!
    Will look into adding album enqueue too.

  3. Would be great 🙂 ,testing new build as we speak:

    Star tracks are there.
    Swipe is working, vertical and horizontal (minor thing: horizontal inverted?, swipe right i was expecting next track).
    Stutter/pauze at beginning of next track is also gone!!

    Will post any new found bugs, I’m your beta tester 🙂

  4. Awesome!

    I guess I use “swipe” as drag, so swiping right “drags” the previous track to be played.. 🙂 I *think* this is consistent with the behavior in the Spotify client, need to confirm!

    Please let me know of any bugs found. And any requests for features (though admittedly i have a full list already… )

  5. Any chance of making the source code for servify available? I’m getting

    Logging on to Spotify servers…
    dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: ___bzero
    Referenced from: /Applications/servify/libspotify
    Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib

    with my PPC and Intel Macs (10.5 Leopard). I’d gladly hunt down that bug. Besides, I’d like to understand the protocol to create a Salling Clicker script. If you feel like sending the source to me by email, that’d be fine too.

  6. Back again :), used respot intensively last night. Normally watching movies on Saturday night with friends but now they all wanted to select and listen to music using respot.

    Everything went well so far, one feature that would be very nice (if not on your list already) is a “reconnect” button. After letting the phone go to sleep I have to quit and start respot on most occasions.


    ps. horizontal swipe is ok i think, i got confused by the arrow buttons on that same screen.

  7. Another (small) one:
    Coming from “playback” tab, the “PlayQ” list is reset to the starting position.

  8. Another one: After using respot for a while sometimes playlist names got replaced by “0.0”.

  9. Haha, last bug was actually not a bug. List is really called 0.0. , sorry 🙂

  10. Feature request: Able to star songs.

  11. Cool! 🙂
    Will improve connect/re-connect but it’s hard to detect whether client is connected to server or not in some cases (just polling the socket connected status doesn’t always work, must send packages and wait for timeouts – annoying), of course there are strategies to fix it – need to decide and implement.

  12. Will look into fixing it. Should be straight forward.

  13. Johannes,

    I maybe resolved the disconnect when sleep issue, changed the wifi “sleep policy” in my phone’s wifi advanced settings and flashed a new radio firmware.
    Just tested it briefly but Respot stays connected in sleep mode. Not so much need for reconnect functionality, concentrate on the other requests 🙂

  14. Nice work!

    Some suggestions –
    Would it be possible to have the program show in notification bar when its running? Would be nice to be able to witch to it fast.

    Would it also be possible to auto connect on startup(and maybe have a list of predifined hosts? not having to remeber ip and port)

    Can it launch playback tab by default and hide the keyboard?

    A bug? –
    When launching app while spotify is already playing it does not download the album picture unless I manually switch track in Playq

  15. Andreas, ‘discovery’ should alleviate the pain of entering IP address manually. Your suggestion is a good one, but i’m not currently prioritizing it – need to fix a few bugs first and foremost!

    I have plans to add ReSpot in the notification bar – akin to how the Spotify client works. Usually though, on most androids, if you press and hold the Home button you’ll see the latest run/running applications (like alt+tab in windows).

    Launch playback tab by default and hide keyboard: yes. I need to improve the UI overall and this is a good suggestion – thanks.

    Indeed, as you point out – if a track is already running, ReSpot will not get the coverart for that track (until it changes..) something I’ll be addressing when fixing the UI overall.

    Thanks alot for your feedback! It’s much appreciated.

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