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Server issue resolved!

A issue that's been stopping the new version of aReSpot and the release of jReSpot has (most likely!) been resolved.

Big thanks to my friend for help with debugging.

Stay tuned. Release imminent! 😀

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  1. Hi, been using you app on my EEE htpc (win7) and loving it. BUT I have some issues with it.

    When I turn off and on my TV the computer pauses for a second (“goes silent”, probably because it changes screen output or something. It is connected to my TV through HDMI) but continues outputting sound soon after a second or two. This have always happened and isn’t a problem.

    But when using servify and ReSpot, windows produces an error message (program have stopped responding) and the sound output stops. I’m guessing that it looses connection for a second and because windows 7 produces that silly error message before it can reconnect it gets screwed.

  2. Hi Peter,

    Very strange that the sound playback would pause for so long… I’d suspect it’s actually the computer / OS being over-burdened with the “task” of switching resolution. Thus Servify is not alloted the resources it demands.

    The other issue seem to be alot worse, does it happen frequently?
    I’ll soon update both ReSpot and Servify – ideally it’s a bit more stable. But if the troubles persist please get in touch and we can work to debug the issue.

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