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jReSpot alpha release!

I've spent a bit of time packaging the jReSpot application - so here it is! Download and run (double click the jar file on most OS's, otherwise start with "java -jar jrespot_alpha.jar").

Servify update recommended!

Please know that it's still riddled with bugs and inconsistencies, though it works rather well if you're patient...
You may need to 'hammer' the Refresh Playlist button sometimes, and the playlist list does not have a scrollbar - but you can scroll up&down with the arrow keys...
There will be improvements made. I've only had the opportunity to try this on a Windows computer. Please let me know if you're facing issues on Linux / Mac!

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  1. Doesn’t seem to like special characters for the moment. Swedish ÅÄÖ and others…

  2. Downloaded on mac. a blue screen login thing come up, typed in my spotify id and password. NULL at the bottom come up.

  3. jReSpot asks for the server and port of where Servify is running. The login stuff to spotify is asked by Servify – not jReSpot. Hope this brings clarity.

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