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jReSpot Preview!

So - long time without updates for the Server and the android client... Well I've not been idling all this time.
I'll give a little preview of what I've been doing (among other things);

I've taken the jotify GUI and retrofitted it to communicate with Servify. So there'll soon be a Desktop client available for use in tandem with the Android client!
There are still lots of enhancements to be made to the user interaction with this desktop client though!

Unfortunately there's an issue with the server which we've yet to track down the root cause of. Worst case scenario I'll release updates of Android ReSpot and Desktop ReSpot without image support, best case - we'll fix the bug and release two real nice clients!

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Updates coming… soon!

Been quiet here for a while now... Lots of changes coming soon, working on re-vamping the UI!
A lot have changed 'under the hood' too - protocol is now completely re-written, adding support for images and allowing for easier updates.
Included two screenshots below. This is however not the layout I'm aiming for. Gets a bit crowded with 5 tabs... But it illustrates the new Cover Art ability!

Thanks to all who provides feedback, bug reports etc!

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