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Servify/C# v2010.05.19

New version uploaded! Now prints a version string on startup. Should look something like this:

$ Servify.exe username password portnum debug
Servify/C# v2010.05.19

Fixed in this version:
1) volume control in windows / mac osx
2) progress updates

Outstanding lacking features:
x) UI issue: pause button will actually stop playback
x) album / artist browse not supported

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  1. Hi, great application. I just downloaded it for my HTC Tattoo (1.6) and have linked it successfuly to my Spotify. I’m able to search and see my playlists on my phone.

    However, the play/pause,skip buttons on the respot won’t control Spotify running on my computer. There’s no response.

    Any ideas how to fix it?

  2. Russel, not sure I understand?
    ReSpot is not designed to remote-control the spotify client on your PC, but rather the server component “Servify”. So in essence – you don’t need the spotify client running on your PC when using ReSpot.
    There are plans to design a Desktop application that will remote control Servify too (then you can use that on your PC when the phone isn’t around or it’s more convenient with a desktop application).

    If you press a track in the search tab or playlist tab, then it will be queued up in the Playback tab- from there you can start music playback (by clicking a song in the queue or the play button)

  3. Not sure I understand either. Isn’t it a remote control for Spotify? You use your phone to control songs playing on your PC?

    I’ve run Servify without Spotify running and have connected and tried to create a playlist/queue on my phone. But I can only queue one track and the play buttons won’t work. So I can’t play anything.

  4. Oh, that doesnt sound right… Should be able to queue more than one track. And def. play the songs!
    What O/S do you have on your computer? Are you using Servify/C# or Servify/J? Is there anything written in the logs?
    Don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail and we can debug the issue!

  5. Hi.

    Just downloaded and installed successfully, however I found one bug.
    If i enque a song, play it, and then pause it, it wont start again, even though I can see the Servify gets the command: play.

    All in all a great app so far after 1 minute of exploring 🙂

  6. Thanks for the bug report. I’ll make sure to keep this in mind for the next Servify/C update. Though it may be awhile before i release it. Doing some major updates! 🙂

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