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Servify/C# alpha release

Available for testing! Download it here. Please note that it may or may not be better than the current java implementation...
I'd only recommend this one for people who currently are experiencing issues with Servify/J.

Most functions have been implemented, noticable issues: volume control is NOT implemented (and will cause crashes on windows / os x).
Progress bar update is NOT implemented (though seeking is!).

Post issues/praise in the comments...

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  1. Great news – thank you!

  2. But it does crash on startup though 🙁 Can I suggest you log errors to a file? I would make it easier to debug, both for me and you I guess!

  3. Yep – will work on it. Something resembling Servify/J will be built. Stay tuned! 🙂

    I’m using Win7 (64bit) and it works there. Libspotify and Servify/C# are both built targetting 32bit platforms and .NET 3.0 or higher.

  4. How do I install it? The java version never worked well for me so I want to try this new version. I extracted the folder and clicked the “.exe” file. Looks like a command window opens and closes for an instant and then nothing happens.

    What am I doing wrong?
    Win 7 32-bit.

  5. There’s no GUI (yet), so you must start it from the command-prompt (startmenu -> cmd.exe), then navigate to the folder you extracted servify ( cd c:\somefolder\servify ). Once there run with ‘Servify.exe username password portnumber”. (Basically the information you filled out in the Servify/Java GUI).

    Let me know if it doesnt (or does) work out for you!

  6. It’s working!!!
    To make starting easier, create a shortcut on the desktop and edit the properties, e.g.
    “C:/Users/Bengt/servify/servify.exe” name password portnumber

  7. Good stuff!

    and thanks for the tip!
    I’ll update the install&download page at some point.

  8. Hi!
    Still having problems. I’m kind of a noob regarding command promt etc.
    This is how I do it.
    I have the “servify”-folder right under c:
    I start the cmd and enter the following (without the “”): “c:/servify/servify.exe username password port debug” and then hit enter (username, password and port are ofcourse changed to my login information for spotify).

    It starts by saying “initiating login sequence” in the cmd but then I get an error from windows saying “servify has stopped working”.

    I have a xml-file from the windows error report with information I can’t do much with. Could it be of any help to you?

    Thanks and looking forward to get this working.
    Again I use win 7 ultimate if it’s of any help.

  9. Hi Alex, please download Servify/C# again. I’ve updated the program this morning – there were quite a few bugs in the first release. And I’m sure there are a few still lying around waiting to be discovered.

    From what you’ve written I dont think you’ve made any errors – but the updated Servify/C# should remedy the issue you’re facing. Otherwise please let me know!

  10. Hi Johannes, everything works for me except server reports error when trying to push album art to ReSpot on android

  11. could you send me the full message of the error? thx

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