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Servify/C# v2010.05.30

Fixed a few bugs. If you've experienced issues - try this out!

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Servify/C# update – v2010.05.25

New Update! (2010.05.25 19:00 CET):
Configurable bitrate! Now possible to choose 160kbps or 320kbps. Startup with new param:

Servify.exe username password local_port bitrate debug

IE: Servify.exe magician abrakadabra 1337 320 debug


Newest version available for download contains a few stability improvements but most notably;


Has been re-implemented!

As usual you'll find it at the install&download page.

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Servify/C# v2010.05.20 – Stability improvements

New update!
* ProgressBar updates correctly when seeking (progressbar fully operational!)
* Stability improvements
* Under the hood changes (yeah - internal 'boring' stuff fixed)

Version string: Servify/C# v2010.05.20
please include the version string in bug reports.

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Servify/C# v2010.05.19

New version uploaded! Now prints a version string on startup. Should look something like this:

$ Servify.exe username password portnum debug
Servify/C# v2010.05.19

Fixed in this version:
1) volume control in windows / mac osx
2) progress updates

Outstanding lacking features:
x) UI issue: pause button will actually stop playback
x) album / artist browse not supported

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Servify/C# – bugs bugs bugs

Squashed a few bugs this morning. Thanks alot for the bug reports and help with testing!

It's quite difficult to find all these bugs as all systems are not equal! Half of the bugs have not manifested on my windows nor linux computers...

Anyway, Servify/C# has been updated with alot of bugfixes.

Please - continue reporting any issues you encounter!

Still not working properly:
1) volume control in windows / mac osx
2) progress updates
3) pause button will actually stop playback (not pause)
4) album / artist browse not supported

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Seems as if the spotify team has updated the protocol - rendering most open source implementations of the spotify protocol broken...

luckily I've recently re-surrected the C# version of Servify. If you are experiencing issues with the Java version - please try out the C# one. And if you're experiencing issues with the c# please let me know!

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Servify/C# alpha release

Available for testing! Download it here. Please note that it may or may not be better than the current java implementation...
I'd only recommend this one for people who currently are experiencing issues with Servify/J.

Most functions have been implemented, noticable issues: volume control is NOT implemented (and will cause crashes on windows / os x).
Progress bar update is NOT implemented (though seeking is!).

Post issues/praise in the comments...

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Servify C# resurrected

Built on top of libspotify-sharp (and libspotify).

Work has been going quite smoothly (so far!). Need to fix audio playback on all platforms. Jonas who created libspotify-sharp has been nice enough to write a audio playback demo for windows. So fixing linux and mac is hopefully smooth sailing.

With libspotify the server component should be a lot more reliable as it's the supported library from spotify themselves! (jotify was based on despotify, a reverse-engineering of the spotify protocol).

Stay tuned for the 'beta' of the 'new' server component!

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New Servify -updated!

Released a new version of Servify. Please test it out and let me know if it works better than before!
Jotify was updated - hope this solves a few of the playlists issues etc.

If you see:
Unknown Command: 0x76 Length: 8
Data: 0.4.3 000105302e342e33
Unknown Command: 0x1f Length: 17
Data: 0000000000000000000000000000000000
in the Servify log, dont worry - it's normal... 😀

Update: this should solve the playlist issue for many users.
If an error such as :
2010.05.10-12:26:33 [ ERROR ] Exception caught! Playlist: c58752238ef5f987e74c364ed5c12dec not loading
2010.05.10-12:26:33 [ ERROR ] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Given id is neither a 32-character hex string nor a valid Spotify URI.
at de.felixbruns.jotify.media.Media.(Media.java:73)

Shows up in the logs - it's most likely due to local media being present in your playlist. These playlists will not load properly, but all the others should!

Huge thanks to fxb (creator of jotify).

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libspotify 0.0.4

libspotify 0.0.4 has been compiled for all major platforms (windows, linux, mac). So I'll be looking into resurrecting the Servify/C# server, it is much more stable as it is using the official spotify libraries.

In the meantime - stay tuned for updates.

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