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Short news update

Implemented 'seeking' in ReSpot. Will be released with the next update... Stay tuned.

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  1. Hi,
    I have problem with sound slider on my desire.
    GUI problem?

  2. I’ve not had any similar reports submitted. Could you describe the issue in more detail?
    Is the volume changed at all?
    Is volume changed, but UI not updated?
    Other scenario(s) ?

  3. The sound slider is placed over the progress slider…hard to describe in english 🙂

    When I try change the volume, I jump in the track…it’s very hard to change the sound volume. Maybe you can make it bigger and centered…hard to change from maximum 🙂 …or maybe a new row or vertical slider.

  4. I agree. Wanted to create a vertical volume slider – but there’s no ‘stock android’ way to do so. I’ll create some slicker (and better placed) volume slider though. It’s not good looking and as you say it’s poorly placed!

    I’m also considering overriding the hardware volume-button found on many android devices to control ReSpot volume.

    Thank you for your feedback!

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