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ReSpot + Servify v2010.04.28

Yet another version! Make sure to update Servify too..

Hopefully the playlist issues that have been plaguing Servify lately have been resolved - please let me know if you're still facing issues!

The changes in short are:
UPDATE 2010.04.28
x) Seeking!
x) Playlist fix(!?)
x) Bitrate configurable
x) Small UI bug fixes

In your servify property file you can now specify the desired bitrate (GUI option coming), if none is specified it will default to 160kbps. Legal values are;
specify as follows:
on its own line in the property file.

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  1. With ReSpot + Servify v2010.04.28 I now get this when I tap to start a track:

    javax.sound.sampled.LineUnavailableException: The audio output line could not be opened due to resource restrictions.
    at de.felixbruns.jotify.player.SpotifyOggPlayer.play(SpotifyOggPlayer.java:253)
    at de.felixbruns.jotify.JotifyConnection.play(JotifyConnection.java:1494)
    at se.h3x.servify.SpotifyConnection.play(SpotifyConnection.java:50)
    at se.h3x.servify.command.PlayCmd.execute(PlayCmd.java:48)
    at se.h3x.servify.RemoteClient.run(RemoteClient.java:63)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:619)

    Any idea? It might be my computer so I will try a different one later today.

  2. I would suspect your computer 😉

    Which O/S are you running?

  3. Yes, you are right. It was my computer. The computer is running Ubuntu Hardy and it was working fine before. Maybe a reboot would have helped. I will try that later (I don’t reboot it very often).

    Anyway, I tried it on another computer and it is working fine. Well, fine is maybe not the right word because I have no sound 🙁 I guess it is because I upgraded to Ubuntu Lucid the other day. It was working fine in Karmic.

    Finally, a small feature request: Since I switch between several different hosts quite often it would be nice if the ip address was stored somehow such that I could select it from a list instead of typing it in every time. Is this something you would consider to add?

  4. Have you tried (or do you already) prefix the startup of Servify with “padsp”? This will only work in ‘commandline mode’ – but may be a necessity. It’s due to Java on ubuntu seem to use OSS for audio playback, and OSS requires exclusive access to the sound device… It really should be fixed in java, however prefixing the startup with “padsp” will wire the sounds through PulseAudio and it will no longer require exclusive access… Worth a try! Though rebooting would probably help it’s never a good/acceptable solution!

    I can most definitely add some kind of “last known hosts” or similar in the connect tab… But it’ll be some time before I get around to doing it I’m afraid.

    I’m really hoping for a Froyo roll out so we can get proper zeroconf/rendez-vous/bonjour action going in android! Then there would be no need at all to know what an IP and Port number is… 🙂

  5. first of great application was thinking of doing the same thing. I am planning to build a complete HTPC remote based on android tablet. And you saved me a lot of time. I really like the gui and the ease of control i only have one problem.
    I get a lot of these

    2010.04.30-06:06:09 [ ERROR ] java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Timeout while waiting for data.
    at de.felixbruns.jotify.protocol.channel.ChannelCallback.get(ChannelCallback.java:79)
    at de.felixbruns.jotify.JotifyConnection.playlist(JotifyConnection.java:869)
    at se.h3x.servify.Server$1.run(Server.java:112)

    it happens a lot when i have stopped using the app for any length of time and try to start playing the playlist again.

  6. Thank you for the kind words 🙂

    I can try tweaking the timeout setting – maybe it’s set a bit too low. Seems as if timeout exceptions have become more common as of late.

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