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ReSpot 2010.04.11 and Servify 2010.04.11 Released!

New ReSpot and Servify release!

Re-vamped UI for ReSpot - still work in progress... Decided to release it now anyway 🙂

UPDATE 2010.04.11
x) new UI! Work In Progress - please report issues
x) Fixed FC issue(s)
x) MoveToNext - moves track to be played next in play queue

As usual a big thanks to everyone reporting bugs and asking for (specific) improvements / features!
A special thanks to 'coolof' for the mockup which I've used for this design.

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  1. Any chance of a Spotify Mobile Style “Now Playing” window with cover art?

    In the absence of that, when in shuffle mode, can the now playing screen jump to the next song it plays?

  2. I’ll look to implement some kind of “track current song”.
    Cover art may be implemented at some point.

  3. There is still an issue with “Not all tracks loaded. Waiting a while.”

    It seems like this only happens if a playlist is loaded with local content (that isn’t available on the servify-computer I use, which is tied to my AVR). Might be easy to fix, it’s really annoying if it happens because it freezes servify for 30 – 60 seconds making it impossible to start new songs (everything you click/start happens 30 – 60 seconds later, which is even more annoying).

    It works wonderfully perfect if no local content is used though!

  4. ah! this is useful information as i have been unable to reproduce the issue. will make debugging easier! thx

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