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ReSpot v2010.03.31

Update of ReSpot due to feature request...

(suggest new features by adding a comment on the posts on this blog!)

UPDATE 2010.03.31
x) trigger artist/album browse from search view

Had totally overlooked adding these two options from the Search view.
If a artist/album browse is triggered from the Search view - the results of the browse will be displayed in the Browse view!
This may or may not change in the future... actually the search view will most likely be removed in a future update and a proper search manager implemented (ie: the android search will 'pop up' in the browse tab).

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  1. Hi!

    Just love the new ability to browse artists and albums and to enqueue the in the playbacklist. Great work!!
    Unfortunately the update has brought some kind of unstability into the system. When I search for an artist I get the results under the search tab. A long press on one of the results gives me the options of enqueue the hit, browse artist or album (Great :-))). I f I select browse artist and press the Browse-tab, I only get results once in a while. Most of the time, The tab is empty or it just shows my spotify-playlists.

    Poping over to the servify window, There are a few warnings, and sometimes errors. I’ll paste them into another comment in a few hours.

  2. I’m on the road, but will look at this when i get back. Glad you like it and thanks for the heads up.

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