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ReSpot v2010.03.31

Update of ReSpot due to feature request...

(suggest new features by adding a comment on the posts on this blog!)

UPDATE 2010.03.31
x) trigger artist/album browse from search view

Had totally overlooked adding these two options from the Search view.
If a artist/album browse is triggered from the Search view - the results of the browse will be displayed in the Browse view!
This may or may not change in the future... actually the search view will most likely be removed in a future update and a proper search manager implemented (ie: the android search will 'pop up' in the browse tab).


New Servify release! Auth-issue fix(!?)

A new version of Servify can be downloaded now, if you've experienced Authentication issues this may fix them! So please grab it and let me know if you still face issues with logon to Spotify!
In other news the Servify logon GUI has been slightly updated and now supports storing your login information.

UPDATE 2010.03.27
x) auth issue fix(?)
x) servify gui update

Thanks for the bug reports as usual.
Also big thanks to everyone who gives nice comments and good ratings on the Android Market as well as those who vote in the Pansentient competition!

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Servify ‘authentication’ issue / client update

It's been brought to my attention that some people are having issues logging on to Spotify with Servify. I'm investigating what the cause of this might be.

The error looks like this;

2010.03.20-02:56:30 [ INFO ] Initiating Servify/J...
2010.03.20-02:56:30 [ INFO ] Please wait, logging on to Spotify, this can take a few seconds!
2010.03.20-02:56:31 [ ERROR ] Authentication Failed! Please try logging in again!
2010.03.20-02:56:31 [ ERROR ] Exception Stacktrace: de.felixbruns.jotify.exceptions.AuthenticationExce ption: de.felixbruns.jotify.exceptions.ProtocolException: Client upgrade required: http://upgrade.spotify.com/upgrade/c....net&pid=12964
at de.felixbruns.jotify.protocol.Session.authenticate (Session.java:174)
at de.felixbruns.jotify.JotifyConnection.login(Jotify Connection.java:115)
at se.h3x.servify.Server.setup(Server.java:50)
at se.h3x.servify.Servify.main(Servify.java:109)
Caused by: de.felixbruns.jotify.exceptions.ProtocolException: Client upgrade required: http://upgrade.spotify.com/upgrade/c....net&pid=12964
at de.felixbruns.jotify.protocol.Protocol.receiveInit ialPacket(Protocol.java:200)
at de.felixbruns.jotify.protocol.Session.authenticate (Session.java:171)
... 3 more

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ReSpot 2010.03.21 + Servify update

UPDATE 2010.03.21
x) fix volume indicator
x) (bugfix) property file - twitter credentials optional
x) FC issue(s)

Thanks for the Crash reports!

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And I’m Back.

Been away for a couple of weeks.

Soon a new version of ReSpot and Servify will be released that (hopefully) addresses some of the Force Close issues people are seeing.

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ReSpot v2010.03.04 + Servify/J

A minor update.

x) changed color of 'title' in the Browser tab
x) a few FC issues fixed

Dont forget to cast your vote for ReSpot in The Spotties.

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Had big plans to release a new version of Servify + ReSpot with support for "zeroconf". Unfortunately Android had other plans...

Seems there are a few bugs with using Multicast sockets in android.

I'm sure it's possible to work around the issue, just not getting it to work at the moment, so the changes will be reverted and I may release some kind of version tomorrow...

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