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ReSpot v2010.02.21 – released!

Stuff that's new in this release:
FIXED 2010.02.21
x) album & artist browse!
x) tweet function
x) couple of FC issues fixed
x) save playqueue to new playlist

The artist/album browse may be a bit slow - please be patient.

If you enjoy ReSpot please rate it on the market!

In other news the 'todo' is growing quite long... (and this is just what i've bothered to jot down)
x) general simplifications (UI, servify...)
x) better Artist browse (flag albums/singles/others)
x) remember me!
x) notifications
x) volume on first connect after fresh servify/j reboot
x) graceful handling of exceptions in servify/j
x) graceful recovery when spotifysession is lost (servify disconnected f.ex)
x) configurable settings (mute on call? connections? moar?)
x) service discovery (no need to type IP & port of Servify)
x) DSBridge hijack java sound windows
x) Out Of Memory on large playlists

As usual - a big thank you to all who supplies crash reports and feedback!

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