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Servify/J Second Patch

I had mistakenly sent up the wrong Servify/J release in my latest 'patch'. This resulted in new users (or users that have removed their jotify-cache) could not properly retrieve playlists or playback music.

This latest update of Servify/J should adress these issues.

If you are experiencing issues, please comment here!

Big thanks to K and O for making me aware of the issue, and working with me to resolve it!

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ReSpot v2010.02.11

Published to the Google Market!

The new version has;

* Mute's music on incoming calls (next version will make this a configurable setting)
* QVGA resolution support (HTC Tattoo)
* Blue Volume Slider

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UPDATED: Servify/J – patched

Servify/J is currently not working. This is because Spotify have updated their internal format. I'm debugging the issue. It stems from jotify not gracefully handling this change.

Get the latest Servify/J, the playback issue has been patched! (And the new Servify/J adds a couple of other nice patches which you can read of in the News archive

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Servify/J new release

Pushed out a new release of Servify/J.

The following stuff was added / fixed:
1) servify/j log
2) windows char-encode issue (åäö-+* etc.)
3) honor restrictions in servify/j playlists (tracks that are not available for playback are now hidden in the playlist view)

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The struggle continues…

Been doing a bit of coding.

Changed the color on the volume-slider. Always wanted it blue - never got around to fixing it. Thanks to afzkl @ swedroid forums for the color codes.

Servify/J has gotten a 'Log window' when using the GUI. Log output has been cleaned up and looks neater now.
Going to do some further adjustments to Servify/J.
1) graceful handling of exceptions in servify/j
2) large playlist handling servify/j (seems it cant handle playlists with several hundred entries...)
3) windows char-encode issue(s) [åäö]

Looked into the following two items;
x) tattoo resolution
y) DSBridge hijack java sound -> windows

Did not see a quick fix to any of them unfortunately.
Tattoo resolution was very low indeed, the app sure would need a smarter UI to handle well on that device.

Screenshot of latest development version:

In other news, ReSpot is soon (hopefully) reaching 400 active installs (stats are according to Google Market). Not sure how much one can trust those numbers though.

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ReSpot – new features!

A few new features for the next release (not yet available on the market)

On incoming calls - ReSpot will mute the stereo playback.
I've chosen "mute" for now - at some point later on it'll probably change to "pause".
Once the call is done - music is unmuted.

Also revamped the SearchUI. I should use the standard SearchManager as provided by Android, but I'm more interested in adding new features. And the 'Search Button' brings you to the Search tab (if your device has a search button that is).


Thanks to…

... all those who gives feedback, send crash reports and asks for help and suggests improvements!

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ReSpot – Spotify Remote for Android, new version out now!

Time for another release, 2010.02.06. Hopefully bug free 😉
Please note that Servify upgrade is required!

+ improved volume slider
+ shuffle function (it's hidden... playbackview->menu->shuffle)
+ new buttons (thanks to vaineh @ android forums)
+ a few Force Close issues ironed out (and no new ones introduced! 😛 )

The volume slider will indicate the wrong volume when first starting ReSpot. It's something i'll patch real soon. Need to do a bit of refactoring for that though.



ReSpot – new version around the corner

Just a bit more testing needed before releasing it.

Will hopefully eliminate a couple of Force Close issues.
A new 'shuffle' feature.
Improved volume-slider.

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Servify/C# – now using libspotify 0.0.3

Thanks to Jonas updating libspotify-sharp to support libspotify 0.0.3!

Servify/C# now utilizes libspotify 0.0.3 which means Linux 64bit architectures are now also supported.

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