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ReSpot + Servify release!

Small update to ReSpot and Servify. Addresses stability issues and improves logging in Servify significantly.

UPDATE 2010.02.24
x) better logging! (servify)
x) FC issue


Swedroid article – awesome!

The nice guys over @ swedroid covered ReSpot with a big article. It's been driving alot of traffic here, surpassing the previous peak day, and there's still 3 more hours to go!

I hope the new visitors find the app useful!

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The Spotties

A competition for 'best remote app' is being held by The Pansentient League.

Please cast your vote for ReSpot! 🙂


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ReSpot v2010.02.21 – released!

Stuff that's new in this release:
FIXED 2010.02.21
x) album & artist browse!
x) tweet function
x) couple of FC issues fixed
x) save playqueue to new playlist

The artist/album browse may be a bit slow - please be patient.

If you enjoy ReSpot please rate it on the market!

In other news the 'todo' is growing quite long... (and this is just what i've bothered to jot down)
x) general simplifications (UI, servify...)
x) better Artist browse (flag albums/singles/others)
x) remember me!
x) notifications
x) volume on first connect after fresh servify/j reboot
x) graceful handling of exceptions in servify/j
x) graceful recovery when spotifysession is lost (servify disconnected f.ex)
x) configurable settings (mute on call? connections? moar?)
x) service discovery (no need to type IP & port of Servify)
x) DSBridge hijack java sound windows
x) Out Of Memory on large playlists

As usual - a big thank you to all who supplies crash reports and feedback!

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ReSpot – change is coming!

Reworked quite alot of things now and got Album/Artist browse implemented. Fitted it into the "Playlist" view which will be re-branded to "Browser".

Stay tuned - aiming to release an update later today.

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Market Ra(n)tings…

People rating 1-2 star really should leave a comment too - otherwise there's no way to improve or even know what's wrong.

Useless 🙁

I dont expect these people to read this either.

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ReSpot – bugfix


ReSpot would force close if it had not been started prior to receiving a phone call (after fresh reboot).
Please update to latest version.

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ReSpot v2010.02.17 – released!

Finally the new ReSpot version has been released to Google Market. Please give feedback on the new version, the good, bad, and ugly!

IMPORTANT: Servify/C# is no longer supported, took too much time doing updates on both, and the Java version is (alot) more popular...

FIXED 2010.02.17
x) dequeue all
x) progressbar
x) new icons
x) pause
x) pause on incoming calls

Artist and Album stuff is on the way... Next time maybe.

Thanks to all those who have given me feedback and crash reports! It's really useful! (And comments of praise is always welcome 😉 )

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ReSpot – changes coming… please hold :)

Been doing some more work on the UI today.

As can be seen below - a progressbar implemented.
The volume slider is ugly, thinking of removing it all together and override the "hardware volume buttons". But then, not all devices may have such buttons...
I'd rather have the volume slider be vertically aligned too, but there doesnt seem to be a stock vertical slider.. May have to roll my own... Which I'd rather not do but rather spend my time on implementing new features.

Artist and Album browse is just around the corner. Servify/J supports them - need to figure out a nice way to display them in the UI.

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ReSpot – reworking a few things

Creating a different UI for volume control...

Will also implement artist/album browse. A 'dequeue all' option has also been implemented!

Stay tuned for the next release.

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