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The Spotify Playlist servers have been quite unreliable lately. This is usually not a big deal because playlists are cached in the clients (albeit Serviy/J is not handling this as good as Servify/C#).
However - if it's the first time you use Servify and the servers are out of order - Servify will not be able to fetch your playlists.

If playlists insist of not showing up, in the Connectivity view in ReSpot you'd see a "OK -Lists" but nothing more. The search function and music playback is unaffected though. So these can still be used.

I hope everyone bears with these nuisances...

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  1. I’d prefer if it could control Spotify without me entering any Spotify credentials.

  2. Yes, that would of course be nice. But it’s simply not possible – unless the application would remote the Official Spotify client (which requires credentials anyway ;)).

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