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A bug snuck in the 2010.01.30 version.

Applied a patch and updated to 2010.01.31

Thanks for reporting it!

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New version of ReSpot!

ReSpot 2010.01.30 released to the Market.
The new version requires an update of Servify.

At least if you want everything to work as intended.

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flash demo

Created a flash demo of ReSpot (and Serviy/J can be seen too).

Here it is. The sound quality is abysmal however so if you choose to see it - cover your ears 😉
It's due to the capturing application didnt have enough resolution... or something.

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Servify/J update

Updated Servify/J with the latest Jotify version. Fresh off the tree.

Mostly "under the hood" changes. Servify/J should be somewhat more stable now.
+ Changed volume adjustment to 11 levels (was 6)

Get it while it's hot!

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ReSpot – Almost 200 installations

Current stats from Android Market;
199 total
119 active installs (59%)

Active installs are dropping below 60% ... Please give feedback in the comments on what you find lacking, or maybe something's not working for you?

The only way for me to improve the app is to have feedback on what's good, bad, broken or just ugly.

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Spotify Remote for Android

Update post with the new URL for install & download instructions;

Also added a FAQ. If you encounter problems, please let me know and I'll add them to the FAQ.

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ReSpot update

New version of ReSpot published to Google Market.

It's a minor bugfix (thanks for reporting!);
+ Fixed bug when pressing "disconnect" causing Force Close, when client was not connected.

The new version number is: 2010.01.24

My 'version' convention will be the release date of the version, simple.

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The Spotify Playlist servers have been quite unreliable lately. This is usually not a big deal because playlists are cached in the clients (albeit Serviy/J is not handling this as good as Servify/C#).
However - if it's the first time you use Servify and the servers are out of order - Servify will not be able to fetch your playlists.

If playlists insist of not showing up, in the Connectivity view in ReSpot you'd see a "OK -Lists" but nothing more. The search function and music playback is unaffected though. So these can still be used.

I hope everyone bears with these nuisances...

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The Good, The Bad… The Ugly?

Do you find ReSpot / Servify useful?

Is something not working for you?

Does something bug/annoy you and have to change?

Please post your comments on any of the above (or anything else...)!

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ReSpot published on Market

Just published ReSpot on Google Market!

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